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These are a few words from our sponsors:
On these pages you will hardly find any obsceneties, violence, commercialism, fundamentalism, intolerance nor prejudice. If you need any of the above mentioned, we must ask you kindly to focus your attention elsewhere.

We believe most of us here have no reason to complain. Western Europe and the Scandinavian enclave which is our home, is a cultivated, safe and wealthy haven in a turbulent and frightening world.

We all have an obligation to live, make a possitive difference and have fun. We hope you are able to consider the idea that life on Earth is more than simply physical existence. We are responsible for our own lives and if you ruin your body with junk and poison,- or by just sitting and staring into the wall or the tv,- its no good no way nowhere.

We believe it is the right and obligation of the rich and lucky, to help and protect those who are unhappy or less lucky. We belive this should be done through sharing of wealth and energy, locally and globally.

Input equals output: Love in, love out.





Most of us have more than enough, as individuals, families and societies. Lets try and put in a little more than we take out.


All of us. If you wish to join, send us a letter. We are a small group of happy people in northern Europe, and we like to meet new friends.



Here, there and everywhere.
Help us to show a local initiative


Speak softly
Drive carefully
Be modest
Be an example for others
Have fun



Torpedotext 2008         release notes

Life is full of wonders and the world is full of absurdities.

On one side of the road you're happy enjoying the sunshine

On the other side moments later dead and stacked up in the shadows with your old friends

We hope you will enjoy your time in this world.